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Advice for Moving to a New Home

Planning Your Move

There is no way to sugarcoat this: Moving isn’t fun. It isn’t fun if you’re doing it yourself. It’s not even fun if you’re hiring a moving company. Moving is when you box up your entire life and put it on a truck, and everything else stays behind – friends, family, your kid’s school, your favorite restaurants and shopping.

But moving also doesn’t need to be a hardship or a disaster. There are new friends to make, new schools to attend, new restaurants to discover and new places to shop.

A little planning is the key, so let’s go over a few things.

Choosing and Working with Movers

Insuring for the Move

Holding a Garage Sale

Donating Items to Charity

Moving Day

Moving Furniture

Moving in and Decorating

Helping your Children Move

Moving doesn’t have to be a hardship, or a disaster, and your First Call, Realtors Professional can help all along the way – not just from the house you’re leaving, but the home you’re going to!